Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What services do you offer?


Motor City Pawn Brokers provides 3-month renewable collateral loans on almost anything of value. Our 3-month renewable loans have the lowest interest rates in the country. Bring in your item and receive a cash loan on the spot.


Don’t need a loan, but would like to sell your valuables? Stop in and let us take a look. We also buy broken or unwanted gold and silver at top dollar.


We list many of our items for sale on our website where you can buy online and pick up in store. You’ll find jewelry, electronics (TVs, game systems, and more), luxury handbags, eyewear, firearms, musical instruments and much more. We offer 6 months of interest free layaway with 20% down.


With over 30 years of design experience our master jeweler uses the latest techniques and state of the art equipment including a laser welder and computer aided design. We pride ourselves in offering quality craftsmanship, welcoming customer service, competitive pricing, and turnaround times that are sure to meet the busy schedules of our many customers.


We loan money on all types of vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATV’s, RV’s and heavy equipment. All you need is your title and photo ID to get started. You must own the item outright and the title must be in your name. We have a secure storage facility big enough to store anything.


If you have a favorite piece of jewelry that means a lot to you, we are here to help you take care of it. Motor City Pawn offers GIA certified expert jewelry cleaning and repair services. We have an in-house jeweler that is professionally trained to fix almost anything. If you have a piece of jewelry that needs to be cleaned, resized, or fixed, give us a call or stop by our store.


Dad’s Watch? Grandfather’s watch? We can make it new again using 100% authentic manufacturers parts. We have worked directly with some of the top brand watchmakers. We can repair the inside and refinish the outside. You will be amazed when you receive your watch back in brand new condition.

How does a Pawn Shop work?

Pawnbrokers lend money on items of value ranging from Gold and Diamond Jewelry to Musical Instruments and Electronics. Pawn contracts in Michigan are for 3-Month terms at an interest rate of 3% per month plus $1 per item for storage. (These rates are among the lowest in the Country) Once the Pawn Loan is made, the Collateral is set aside either in a secure Vault or safe Warehouse until the Loan is paid back. The Loan may be paid back at any time within the 3 months.

Why would someone choose a Pawn Loan vs. a Payday Advance or even Credit Cards?

Pawnbrokers offer consumers a quick and easy way to borrow money. Pawn Shops offer short term cash with no credit checks or legal consequences if the loan is not paid. Also Pawn loan contracts are very cut and dry with no hidden fees or outrageous interest rates. Payday Lenders often charge an APR in excess of 800%, while Michigan Pawnbrokers only charge an APR of 36%. Motor City Pawn also gives a 30-day grace period after the 3-Months.

Do most Pawn Customers Redeem their Merchandise?

Yes, on average at Motor City Pawn 85 percent of all Loans are repaid. Repeat customers make up a large portion of our business which enables us to establish very good relationships.

Do all Pawn Shops in Michigan charge the same Rates?

No, unfortunately due to the low interest laws in Michigan, many shops who advertise as Pawn shops really are not even licensed to make Pawn Loans. Beware of those who offer Buy/Sell options or Buy-Back Contracts. If a Pawn Shop in Michigan charges more than the legal rates of 3% per month plus a $1 storage fee or offers less than a 3-Month Contract please Do Not pawn your items with them. Motor City Pawn Brokers has been fully licensed and insured for over 30 years and offers the highest value for your items along with the lowest interest rates.

Are many of the items in Pawnshops Stolen?

No, actually less than 1/10th of 1 percent (or 1 out of every 1000 items) is reported stolen. Pawnbrokers work very closely with law enforcement to ensure all perpetrators are caught and prosecuted. All customers must provide valid identification, must be at least 18 year old, and must be fingerprinted. All transactions for the day are then forwarded to the local police departments.

What is the difference between buying at a Pawnshop and buying at a Retail Store?

The difference is the Price. Merchandise at our Pawnshop is generally 1/3 to ½ the price found at Retail Stores.

What is the history of Motor City Pawn Brokers?

Motor City Pawn Brokers Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1990. We have four locations conveniently located in the Metro Detroit area.  All Locations are fully Licensed and Insured.

We have a Friendly, Courteous, and Professional staff which includes: A Jewelry Repair Specialist, and a Certified GIA Gemologist.  We are also members of the BBB and have an outstanding A+ rating.  Motor City Pawn ranks among the best in customer satisfaction and customer retention due to several customer reward programs offered free to our customers at all 4 locations.

Motor City Pawn gives 12 Month Loans on mostly all Merchandise of value. Our 12-Month renewable Loans have the Lowest Interest Rates in the Country. We also just buy Merchandise outright for Top Dollar.

You can also come shop in our Stores and Online where you will find a wide range of Fine Jewelry, Tools, Musical Instruments, Televisions, Electronics, Firearms, Knives, Apparel and Automobiles.  Stop in today or give us a call.

Whether you need a short-term pawn loan or just want to sell your merchandise outright, Motor City Pawn Brokers is dedicated to finding you a personal solution.

Can you explain the Pawn Transaction?

Millions of people are unable or unwilling to deal with traditional financial institutions or utilize credit cards. These consumers have regular needs to meet short-term cash requirements. Many of these consumers turn to Motor City Pawn Brokers. Loans are granted in a matter of minutes in the same way that people have accessed cash for thousands of years.

For centuries, money has been loaned based solely on the value of an item pledged as collateral, commonly referred to today as a pawn loan. Motor City Pawn has focused on customer service and meeting the needs of secured non-recourse borrowers in the oldest and most basic form of consumer financing activity.

At Motor City Pawn Brokers, the loan tradition of a fast, convenient source of cash is taken to a new level of ease and customer dignity. Our customers are greeted by courteous, well-trained staff that assists them with their cash needs. In seconds, the loan document is printed, the loan proceeds are counted out and the customer leaves secure with the knowledge that the item pledged is in safe keeping at Motor City Pawn until it is redeemed.

About Motor City Pawn Brokers

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What sets us aside from our competitors?

Motor City Pawn Brokers

Collateral Loan Period:
12 Months (Unlimited Renewable Terms)

Interest Rates for Loans:
3% per Month Plus Storage Fees

No Late Fees on Payments

Minimum 30-Day Grace Period

Motor City Pawn gives a Notice before your Collateral Forfeits

Our Competitors

Collateral Loan Period:
30-90 Days

Interest Rates for Loans:
Up to 20% per Month Plus Storage Fees and Additional Fees

Additional Fees Charged

No Grace Period Given

No Notices are given, and they sell your Collateral Items.