At Motor City Pawn Brokers, we’re not just a pawn shop. Stop in and see for yourself. Until then, please spend some time watching the videos below. You’ll learn more about us, the pawn process in general, and several other things along the way.

About Motor City Pawn Brokers


In this video, we discuss what Motor City Pawn Brokers is all about. Motor City Pawn Brokers is the one-stop pawn shop when you’re in need of short- term cash or are looking for quality brand-name new and preowned merchandise. With locations in Detroit, Ferndale, Hamtramck, Roseville, and Warren, our mission is to deliver exceptional value.

What Does It Mean to Pawn with Motor City Pawn Brokers


A pawn is really just a safe, secure, 90-day loan. Here, Marky D discusses what you can expect when you pawn an item. From what it means to pawn an item, to the process, and everything in between. We offer collateral based loans on a large variety of items. Check out our loans page for more information.

Meet the Motor City Pawn Brokers' Watch Specialist


Mike, our watch specialist discusses what happens when you bring a watch to Motor City Pawn Brokers. First, we identify the make and model of the watch as well as take a look at its general condition. Second, we remove the back of the watch to both authenticate it and ensure its in good working order. Finally, we evaluate your watch for either loan or buy, and get you the cash you need. If you choose to loan, we bag and tag it, then store it in one of our state-of-the-art vaults.

Meet the Motor City Pawn Brokers' Jeweler


At Motor City Pawn Brokers, we aren’t just a pawn shop. We also provide jewelry repair and custom jewelry design services. In this video, our expert jeweler describes his 5-Point Inspection process: 1. naked-eye process, 2. closer look using magnifying glasses, 3. take a look at the metal and gemstones in the merchandise, 4. repair any damages found in the first three steps, and 5. check for lose stones before the item hits the showcase.

About the Motor City Pawn Brokers' Watch Authentication Process


In this video, Mike, our watch expert, digs deeper into our watch authentication process. If it’s a Rolex, we check for correct shock-protection, microstella screws on the balance-wheel, and correct jewel placement and setting. Because we specialize in watches, and we are so thorough, it allows us to loan the max on your timepiece, in comparison to our competitors. However, this process is not just limited to Rolex.  We do this for all brands that we loan and buy. Some of those brands include Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Hublot, Audemars Piquet, Patek Philippe and many others.

The Pawning Process at Motor City Pawn Brokers


If you’ve never been to a pawn shop before, this video will give you some insight. If you have been to a pawn shop before, this will help you see what we do here at Motor City Pawn Brokers. To give you more detail, Marky D from our Ferndale location, walks you though the write-up process for a diamond ring or a guitar. No one pays more than Motor City Pawn Brokers on jewelry, especially gold jewelry. We offer 90% of melting with our rates posted on our board every day. We offer a 90-day loan, like every other pawn shop, but also provide one extra month making our pawn loans four months long. There are many pawn shops in the area, but none like Motor City Pawn Brokers. We have the finest customer service, and we loan the most on all goods.

Luxury Eyewear Specialist, Jada, at Motor City Pawn Brokers


At Motor City Pawn Brokers, we carry a wide assortment of new and used eyewear, both luxury and for everyday use. We take pride in guaranteeing that all of our glasses and our eyewear are authentic. In this video, Jada, our luxury eyewear specialist, explains our process. We carry a wide assortment of brands from Cartier to Gucci, Prada to Versace, to Chrome Hearts and Cazal, Coach and many more.

Luxury Handbag Specialist, Jada, at Motor City Pawn Brokers


Motor City Pawn Brokers is the absolute best place to buy your handbags, and Jada, explains why in this video. Jada is our luxury eyewear, handbag, and jewelry specialist. We offer a wide assortment of brands and styles of handbags, both newer and vintage, at extremely competitive pricing. We carry Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, YSL, MCM, and many other brands.