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Why Shop With Us?

If you have been experiencing financial stress and required some fast cash, but no financial institution would offer you a reasonable loan, a pawn shop may have crossed your mind as an option. Pawn shops have become extremely popular over the past 10 years, mostly because of a very slow economic recovery and a shaky economy. The NPA (National Pawnbrokers Association) figures that roughly 30% of United States families have no banking or savings account. This is likely the result of a few different reasons:

  • unable to get free checking when starting a new account
  • unable to afford starting a checking or savings account
  • fees for overdraft protection or other “benefits” are too expensive
  • bad credit or no credit history
  • they just don’t trust the banks or lenders

Because of this, many people have turned to different options for securing the money they need. One of these alternatives is choosing to pawn. As the #1 Roseville pawn shop, Motor City Pawn Brokers serves people from any and all walks of life. We have served celebrities, sports figures, small business owners, and even politicians. We strive to provide our customers with an answer to their financial problems.

Multiple Locations for Your Convenience

A lot of those who use a pawnbroker have no relationship with a financial institution. We are proud to be a great source for offering them the money that they need, via a hassle free short-term loan, at any time. We are the number one Roseville area pawn shop chain (with 4 locations) in the metro Detroit region, and we’ve served our community for more than two decades.

Along with our low interest 3 month loans, we also provide collateral and auto loans. If you have gold that you would like to sell, we will pay you a fair cash amount for it.  Our 3% interest rate for loans is one of the very lowest amounts in America today. We offer amazing value on like new pre-owned products in our Roseville store; as well as our other convenient locations inFerndale,Detroit, andWarren. Whichever location you decide to go to, you can be sure that our friendly associates will be there to help you.

We Follow All Regulations

Motor City Pawn Broker’s shops are not the crazy and scary place you see on these reality TV shows. In fact, they are cleanly kept, and often quiet and positive environments where both parties benefit. Our stores don’t have to put on an act for cameras.

Every Michigan pawn shop establishment has to follow 12 specific federal laws. We strictly adhere to these laws and believe in providing all our customers with a great environment and excellent customer service.

Choosing a Loan

We offer a couple of loan options at Motor City Pawn Brokers – “auto” and “pawn” loans. We are proud to offer a quick and easy process so that your loan can be completed within minutes.

Pawn/collateral loans are accepted on a 3-month renewable basis. They can be secured with a large variety of personal assets (cars, jewelry, electronics, firearms, and more).

Instead of a loan, you may choose to just sell your items to us outright. We are proud to offer competitive offers that reflect on fair market value.

For more information regarding how our stores operate, please contact us today!

Refer A Friend

Motor City Pawn Brokers values our customer relationships and appreciate you making the choice to do business with us. With our Refer-A-Friend Program, we make it easy for you to make extra money by simply inviting other people. For every successful transaction that mentions your name, you get rewarded an additional $5 in-store credit. There is no limit to how many people you can refer!