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Motor City Pawn Brokers Our Competitors
Collateral Loan Period: 3 Months (Unlimited Renewable Terms) Collateral Loan Period: 30-90 Days
Interest Rates for Loans: 3% per MonthPlus Storage Fees Interest Rates for Loans: Up to 20% per MonthPlus Storage Fees and Additional Fees
No Late Fees on Payments Additional Fees Charged
Minimum 30-Day Grace Period No Grace Period Given
Motor City Pawn gives a Notice before your Collateral Forfeits No Notices are given, and they sell your Collateral Items.

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Loan Period: 3 Months

*You may elect to pay the amount above to extend your loan for another 3 months.

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Motor City Pawn Brokers values our customer relationships and appreciate you making the choice to do business with us. With our Refer-A-Friend Program, we make it easy for you to make extra money by simply inviting other people. For every successful transaction that mentions your name, you get rewarded an additional $5 in-store credit. There is no limit to how many people you can refer!